Especially today, I spent my entire half (okay so it’s a half, not the entire thing… fuck me) working hour, yelling at people. I was soooo fuckin angry because (long story short and point to be made) first; they ask me HOW to get their job done, and they’re not even belong to my division, not even my department!! second, they ask me TO GET THEIR JOB DONE FOR THEM. I mean what in this crazy world…………

Well then.

Line has been crossed, Kraken has been poked, Hell has been broken loose. Thou should experience my anger for thou have start a war with me. LOL. Actually I didn’t went ape shit about the whole thing, I just let them taste a bit of fear. Fear of being haunted forever by my resting bitch look.

This is how I looked at them straight in the eye (picture missing, sorry). More or less. Photo taken waaaaaaayyyy before this event. So yeah I have a total resting bitch faze, thank you.


This is me right now (also missing picture, sorry!).

This “fuck you and your thing, I don’t give a shit about anybody in anytime right now.”


I guess that’s all for today, may you guys have a great day unlike mine. Adios bitchachos!

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