Hi, I'm Astrid Wulan!

Health & Medical Content Specialist

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Education & Working History

I got my medical bachelor degree in 2012 from Gadjah Mada University. I pass the board exam and took the hypocrathic oath in 2014, then went straight to work in hospital management instead of taking the internship.

I’ve been working in the creative health & medical content development field for 5 solid years. I am used to work in a team with members from different division, but I also comfortable in working solo if necessary.

Past works

I’ve put together a curated selection of my past works. Scroll through the samples below and feel free to get in touch to learn more about me and to discuss any projects / collaboration you have in mind.

IG Live Drama - Host

Membahas nutrisi penting selama hamil untuk mencegah cacat janin bersama dokter spesialis obgyn dalam segmen IG Live Klikdokter - Drama: Dokter Sharing dengan Mama

IG Live - Host

Membahas rambut rontok dan kebotakan bersama dokter spesialis kulit dalam segmen IG Live Klikdokter - Drama: Dokter Sharing dengan Mama

Podcast - Narasumber

Membahas seputar bau badan dalam podcast Klikdokter SEBATS - Seru Bareng Buat Sehat

Podcast - Host

Membahas seputar HIV dan stigma yang masih kerap mengiringinya bersama penyintas HIV/AIDS dalam podcast perdana Klikdokter

Webinar - Moderator

Membahas suplementasi vitamin D dalam webinar kerjasama Klikdokter, Ikatan Bidan Indonesia, BKKBN, dan Redoxon

15 Minutes - Narasumber

Membahas pentingnya cara pemakaian masker yang benar untuk mencegah penularan Covid-19 dalam segmen 15 Minutes Metro TV

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