Corny Update

Point laid straight: my mom was sick, and got herself admitted to the hospital – the very same hospital I worked at.

Me have a job? Yass bitchez! Okay so that pretty much emphasize the fact that I haven’t write anything for too long, but yeah, I have a job now. I’m currently working at the National Referral Hospital (oh come on, you don’t need me to break down the name for you, there’s only one national referral hospital here in Indonesia) as a… okay I don’t know how to say my position in english but maybe it is leveled with… supervisor? That kind of thing. Important fact is, I’m not practicing as a physician here.

Back to my mom, she suffered from dengue fever (dang mosquitos) and since there’s no one to look after her, I suggested her to spent the night at my workplace so I could look after her. Aaaand so she did.

I stayed with my mom the whole week, bouncing my head up and down the building (luckily she was staying in my building, few floors below me). I was so sad but angry at the same time, because okay now I know why I can’t be a physician; I just don’t have the patience, LOL. My mom and I kept arguing about things, her drug schedule, her resting plan, etc etc. But I was so happy seeing there were so many people paying her a visit to the hospital, a sign that everyone loves her, a lot. It made her smile, which made my heart bloomed.

I hope everyone stays healthy, cause being sick is sucks as hell!

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